Commercial Grass Fertilization

Give Your Yard All It Needs to Thrive

Set up commercial grass fertilization services in Byron or Rochester, MN

You wouldn't expect flowers to grow properly without water. There's no reason to think grass will grow properly without the nutrients it needs, either. Fortunately, preparing your grass for a healthy season is as simple as calling Oelkers Services.

You can hire us for one-time or recurring commercial grass fertilization services in the Byron or Rochester, MN areas. We have the equipment needed to spread fertilizer over any size area, so you can depend on us to cover every inch of grass on your property. Once the commercial grass fertilizing is finished, you'll enjoy a greener, fuller lawn that helps attract customers.

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Why you should fertilize

Even if your lawn seems healthy now, fertilizing is a simple way to keep your grass strong and healthy. Consider commercial grass fertilizing services because...

  • Our fertilizers can help prevent weeds from invading and taking over your lawn
  • Proper fertilization will help protect your grass from diseases, including lawn rust
  • You'll have better soil, fewer pests and improved growth for your plants

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