Insecticide Services

Make Your Summer More Comfortable In Byron & Rochester, MN

Protect your family and friends from those pesky mosquitos and no-see-ems with our insecticide services

You don't want to deal with a booming mosquito population every summer. Oelkers Lawn Care's insecticide services from an expert can drastically improve the quality of your outdoor time.

When you need insecticide services in Byron & Rochester, MN, trust Oelkers Lawn Care to get the job done right. We have the expertise necessary to keep your property as pest-free as possible.

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Controlling the mosquito and pesky bug populations

Controlling the mosquito and pesky bug populations

If you need effective mosquito control services, we have the program for you. We use Syngenta's SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program to eliminate pests. This program:

  • Is applied every 60 days, no matter the weather conditions
  • Reduces the mosquito population with Demand CS insecticide
  • Disrupts the mosquito life cycle with Archer insect growth regulator
With this treatment, you can control the mosquito and pesky bug populations on your property for up to 60 days! Treatments start at just $99, per application (prices will vary depending on property size).

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