Mosquito Control

Take Back Your Yard From Mosquitos

Get residential mosquito control in Byron, MN

Swarming mosquitos can make spending time outside miserable. You want to take advantage of your yard, not avoid it. Oelkers Services can help by providing residential mosquito control services in Byron, MN. We offer free estimates and detailed services because we want to protect your family like our own.

You'll get sound advice on getting rid of mosquitos for good by asking the residential pest control pros about your situation now.

Choose a long-term pest solution

Don't let mosquitos rule your yard. We offer Syngenta's SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program to get pests under control. Treatment is applied every 60 days, rain or shine. It not only kills mosquitos - it disrupts their growth cycle. Residential mosquito control treatments start at $99 and can eliminate mosquitos for up to 60 days.

There's so much to learn about residential pest control. Consult our expert in Byron, MN today to plan your mosquito elimination treatment.